Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Field Supervision in Sauce

I had the opportunity to visit El Sauce and some current projects last week. It's always a pleasure to be in El Sauce as we have a high quality team there. They have won the best team award internally for the last 2 years running.

Here is a happy family with a double pit latrine. You can't see the second pit, it's just off to the right.

Ana Cecilia shows us the new well at Agua Fria in action. Very good quality work on this one.

A nice stove. Actually stoves are probably were we need to do more work to improve quality, but this one was nice! No smoke is visible (just steam from the pots) and still pretty clean even a year after construction.

And a well in Armenia...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inaugurating Project with the Red Cross, Camoapa

On Tuesday, Rob attended a project inauguration in La Embajada, Camoapa with the Nicaraguan and Canadian Red Cross, municipal representatives, church representatives and local community members. La Embajada is quite a distance from the town of Camoapa, about 1.5 hours driving. Luckily the road has recently been repaired. They say it used to take up to 4 hours!

The high school kids did a few dance numbers for us which was cute, as shown above.

Although that was nice, it really was all about the 50 latrines that the community built. Here is Flor below from the Red Cross, cutting a ribbon with the latrine owner.

This project was financed by the municipality of Camoapa, the Red Cross and El Porvenir (through donations from several private donors).

Monday, July 5, 2010

EP Presentation at Bay Ridge Church, NY

As advertised, El Porvenir made a presentation at Bay Ridge United Church during the coffee hour. The church made a generous donation of $500 to El Porvenir afterwards. Here is a shot of some of board of the church with Rob Bell, Executive Director. Thanks to Bob A for organizing the event.